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Issuing Payslips

Once you have enabled Self-Service for your employees, there are four different ways to send them their payslips.

Release Payslips to Self-Service

All payslips that are part of a Pay Run can automatically be released once Self-Service is enabled. Should you decide to not release them when creating the Pay Run, do not tick the Automatically release payslips to Self-Service checkbox. 

To do so at a later stage, navigate to Pay Runs and click on the dropdown arrow next to the Pay Run date and click on “Self-Service Release”.

  • When will the “Automatically release payslips to Self-Service” checkbox appear?

The checkbox will appear:

  • On the first Pay Run for each period. 
  • If the checkbox is not ticked and the Pay Run is deleted and then recreated.
  • When won’t the “Automatically release payslips to Self-Service” checkbox appear?

 The checkbox won’t appear:

  • If the checkbox is ticked and the Pay Run is deleted and then recreated. 
  • If the checkbox was not ticked and the payslips were manually released to Self-Service (as seen in the screenshot above) and the Pay Run was subsequently deleted and then recreated.

Email Payslips

When payslips are released to Self-Service, employees receive an email notifying them of the release. You can choose to have a PDF copy of that payslip attached to these email notifications. This can be set up as follows:

  • Go to Employees > Self-Service > Settings > General.
  • Tick the Attach payslips to emails on the Self-Service release box.

If you wish to encrypt payslips sent via email with a password, select the Enable password protection for attached payslips (using employee identity numbers or birthdates) checkbox. The password used will be the employee’s identification number (ID) or, if no ID number is recorded on their profile, their date of birth (YYYYMMDD) will be used instead. 

  • Click Save.

Please note: The password will be generated based on the information available at the time of the employee’s payslip being sent via email. Any subsequent changes to the employee’s ID number or date of birth will only change the password for payslips sent via email after the change. Payslips received by employees prior to this change will not be affected.

Download Payslips

You can download the payslips in PDF form. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the relevant Pay Run
  • Click on All to download all payslips for the entire Pay Run 
  • You can also click on a specific Pay Point to download all payslips for that Pay Point.

In the below section you will be able to download payslips in bulk, within a specific date range, Pay Point, Pay Frequency and with password protection.

Reports > Payslips Export

Print Payslips

You can print payslips for your employees in an A4 format and on self-sealing stationery. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Click on Settings > Payslip. 
  • Tick the Format for self-sealing confidential stationery checkbox. 
  • You can also tick the Keep ID numbers confidential checkbox to hide the ID number from the payslip. 
  • Click Save.

Follow the steps to download as mentioned above.