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Leave Management

SimplePay provides comprehensive leave management functionality that allows you to customise leave so that it aligns with your company’s policies. This article outlines the general process for setting up, processing and managing leave on SimplePay.

Leave Setup

When joining SimplePay the first time, the following steps are required to set up your leave:

Step 1: Configure the leave type settings

The first step in setting up leave is to configure each leave type’s settings. This includes ensuring that the leave cycle is correct, indicating whether the leave balance should appear on payslips and setting the minimum balance rule.

More information can be found in the following article:

Step 2: Set up entitlement policies

The next step is to set up the leave policy or policies that you use. This includes indicating how many leave days the employee will be granted per cycle, whether leave days are given up front or should be accrued and whether leave can be carried over from one cycle to another.

To save you time in setting up leave policies, SimplePay has already set up system policies for each leave type in line with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA).

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Step 3: Assign entitlement policies

Once all the entitlement policies have been configured, the entitlement policies need to be allocated to employees. There are two options for this:

  • A company default policy / company-wide policy can be set, which will automatically be assigned to all employees currently on the system, as well as new employees that are added.
  • If employees are not on the company default policy, they can manually be assigned to another entitlement policy. This can be done individually and in bulk.

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Step 4: Capture leave take-ons

If you are moving to SimplePay from another payroll system, you can capture the leave balances for employees up to the date of using the system.

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In line with the BCEA, an employee’s leave entitlement on SimplePay is calculated based on their regular hours and full working days per week. It is, therefore, important that these are correctly configured – more information is available in the following article:

Recording Leave

Leave can be recorded on the system in one of two ways: by the payroll administrator or via the employee self-service portal. Each of these methods is discussed in the following related sections:

Maternity leave is treated slightly differently, so it is recorded as discussed in the following article:

Leave Pay

Recording leave may have pay implications, depending on the employee and leave type. More information on this aspect is available in the following article:

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