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Notes on Clocking Import Mappings

When using a clocking file format that requires you to set up mappings, please take note of the following:

  • Columns in the CSV file can only be mapped to regular items with payslip inputs, e.g. Basic Salary which has inputs for hours worked.
    • The regular item will need to be added to the payslip before the mapping is done.
  • There are two options for overtime, depending on whether the employees are hourly paid or salaried; please ensure that you have separate columns for these hours in your CSV and that they are mapped correctly
    • Hourly paid employees: “Overtime Hours”
    • Salaried employees: “Overtime Hours (1.5x)”.

Mapping leave hours from Deputy

If you make use of the Deputy system for time and attendance and need to import leave hours from Deputy, take note of the following:

Before you import your hours, you need to create a custom income item. To do this:

  • Go to Settings > Custom Items > Add > Income.
  • Name the custom item.
  • Select the Input Type as ‘Hourly rate * factor * hours’.
  • Enter the Rate factor and Hours worked factor as ‘1’.
  • Set the relevant check boxes if applicable.
  • Click Save.

Once your custom income item is created, import your hours from Deputy and map your leave hours in Deputy to the custom item that you created.

Please note: You must use the file format on Deputy called “Overtime 40 Hours Weekly”