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Employment Equity Terminology

This page serves to consolidate all the Employment Equity terminology used throughout the Employment Equity section:

EEA4The Income Differential Statement is a series of tables and reports in which the remuneration earned by employees over a period of 12 months must be consolidated and reported in specified groupings and occupational levels.
Equity YearThe reporting year declared by the employer at the top of page 2 of the EEA2. It is the 12-month period in which employee data is calculated, consolidated and analysed for submission to the Equity Directorate. It can vary from employer to employer but generally it is a year starting 1 October and ending 30 September of the following year.
Employee data included in the reportsEmployees that are still employed immediately after the last day of the equity year (generally 30 September).
Equity Submission PeriodThe period during which the EEA2 and EEA4 reports must be submitted. This period opens on 1 September for both manual and online submissions, and it closes on 1 October for manual submissions and on 15 January of the following year for online submissions.
Temporary EmployeesAccording to Government Gazette No. 37873 in 2014, temporary employees are those who are employed for less than 3 months. This means that the employee has a fixed short term contract.

In practical terms, temporary employees would mostly be seasonal workers and ‘temps’ or ‘casuals’. The determination of whether an employee is Temporary or Permanent will be based on whether the employment contract specifies a period of employment of less than 3 months.

Note 1: If the employee’s contract is permanent and they are terminated early, they are still a permanent employee and not a temporary employee.

Note 2: If the same employee is appointed with a temporary employment contract more than once during the equity year, then that employee must be reported as ‘temporary’ even if the total of the multiple periods of employment over the equity year exceeds 3 months (e.g. seasonal workers).
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