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Non-Sectoral Claims

What are Non-Sectoral Claims

Non-sectoral claims encompass those claims identified under Claim Code 2, 3 and 4 of TERS Phase 2. These claims are open to employees within any sector of business who pass the stated criteria for each claim code.

Criteria for Each Claim Code

Claim Code 2 –Employees aged 60 and above, and who cannot be reasonably accommodated at work
Claim Code 3 –Employees in isolation and quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19
Claim Code 4 –Employees with co-morbidities and who cannot be reasonably accommodated at work

NIOH Claim Verification

The UIF uses the records of the National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH) as a verification for these non-sectoral claims. By law all employers are required to register with the NIOH and have a duty to submit data on employees who fall into any of the listed categories. 

The three listed categories mentioned in the guide, correspond exactly to the categories of employees described in Claim Codes 2, 3 and 4. An employer will not only have to be registered with the NIOH, but also be compliant with their reporting duties in order to submit a non-sectoral claim on the UIF online portal.

Two Step Verification Process

In addition to the list of documents required for claims, when making an application for a non-sectoral claim, an employer will be required to complete an additional two step verification process which will directly relate to the employer’s NIOH duties discussed above:

Step 1: Verification of Employer Registration with NIOH

The employer will be asked to confirm if they are registered with NIOH and have declared their affected employees and will be further required to enter their unique Business ID (from NIOH), and once verified, can proceed with the claim.

Employers who are not registered with the NIOH will be unable to proceed with the claim.

Step 2: Verification of Employee Declaration with NIOH

The employer will then be required to individually capture the details of each affected employee, whose ID/Passport/Asylum seeker number will be verified against those in the NIOH database.

Unless a match can be found, no claim can be accepted for processing for that individual therefore an employer must be in compliance with their NIOH reporting duty prior to this application.

Employers will also be required to upload a clear copy of passport or asylum seeker certificate that clearly indicates Date of Birth (DOB) for any foreign national employee for whom a claim is made due to their age as a vulnerability.