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This feature allows you to create reminders for upcoming — or past — employee events, such as birthdays, work anniversaries, and contract expirations. An email digest with all the reminders will be sent to selected recipients on the chosen date.

Enabling the Reminders Functionality

To enable the Reminders functionality:

  • Go to Settings > Advanced > General
  • Check the Enable Reminders functionality box.
  • Click Save.

Please note: A new Reminders tab will appear with the other menu items under Settings.

Creating Reminders

To create a new reminder:

  • Go to Settings > Reminders
  • Click Add on the Reminders page. 
  • Enter a unique name for your reminder in the Name field. Note that you cannot use the same name more than once.
  • Select a date from the dropdown menu next to Event Date.

Please note: The current options are “Date of Appointment ” and “Date of Birth ”. You will also be able to select custom dates based on your Custom Employee Fields.

  • Use the dropdown menu next to Reminder Frequency to set how often the reminder should be repeated.

Please note: You have two options to choose from: “Does not repeat” or “Annually”. You should choose the “Does not repeat” option, if you only need to be reminded of an event once. For example, you can use the “Does not repeat” option to remind you of new employees passing their 3-month probation period. This way, the reminder will notify you when each new employee reaches their probation milestone.

You should choose the “Annually” option to remind you of a specific date every year. For example, you can use the “Annually” option to remind you of upcoming employee birthdays.  

  • Specify how many days, weeks, months before or after the event the reminder should be sent in the fields next to Remind me. For example, if you want the reminder to be sent three days before the event, enter “3” in the first field, and select “day(s)” and “before” from the dropdown menu.

Please note: If you want to be reminded on the day of the event, enter “0” in the first field.

  • Select the name(s) of the user(s) who should receive reminders for this event by using the dropdown menu next to Reminder Recipient. Note that every recipient will receive the email digest that contains the upcoming reminder(s).

Please note: You can choose from all admin users, and employees with Self-Service enabled. 

Note that this example uses contract expiry dates as the Event Date based on a Custom Employee Field.
  • Click Save

Managing Reminders

Editing and Deleting Reminders

To edit or delete a reminder:

  • Go to the Reminders page, where all active reminders are listed.
  • Select a reminder to edit it.
  • On the Edit Reminder page, you will be able to edit or delete the reminder. Note that deleting a reminder will move it to an Inactive list on the Reminders page.
  • Click Save.

Reactivating Reminders

The Inactive link on the Reminders page allows you to view all previously deleted reminders. To reactivate an inactive reminder: 

  • Select the inactive reminder. 
  • Click Activate.

Once the reminder has been reactivated, it will be listed as an active reminder on the Reminders page.

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