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Custom Bulk Inputs

The Custom Bulk Inputs feature is currently in beta; please feel free to provide feedback by clicking on the BETA label.

This feature allows you to define your own custom bulk input page that includes the information you want to edit in bulk, making it easier and more efficient to manage your employee and payslip information. The information you can add includes informational inputs (employees’ Basic Info) and payroll inputs (Regular Inputs and Payslip Inputs). Your selected inputs can be edited on-screen or via the generated Excel file. To do this:

  • Go to Employees > Bulk Actions > Custom Bulk Input under the Excel Import section.

Upload a Custom Bulk Input File

To upload a previously exported Excel file:

  • Click Choose File under Upload a Custom Bulk Input File.
  • Click Upload once you have selected the Excel file from your computer.
  • Click Save once you are happy with the uploaded information.

Please note: You can upload only an Excel file obtained by using the Custom Bulk Input feature below.

Define a Custom Bulk Input

To define the information you want to edit in bulk:

  • Select the relevant options in the Filters section under Define a Custom Bulk Input.

You can decide which employees should be included by clicking Pay Frequency, Pay Point and Current Status. By default, all employees will be selected. 

  • Click on the dropdown menu under Select Items, and select an item from the list. 
  • Select the Add Item checkbox after viewing the Included Inputs. You may add as many items as you like.

Please note: You will not be able to add and edit an item if it has not been manually added to employee profiles included under Filters. To proceed, deselect those employees that do not have the item on their profile, or first add the item to all the employee profiles. 

  • Click Continue once you are done adding items.

Once you have made your selection, our system will create a Bulk Input page with those items, allowing you to easily make the necessary changes in the provided fields.

Please note: Should a red warning sign appear for an employee when editing information on the Bulk Input page, ensure that you have selected the applicable Filters (Pay Frequency and Period) for that employee.

  • Click on Export to Excel to edit your selected items via Excel instead. This will provide you with an Excel file containing the same fields. You can then make the necessary changes using Excel, and upload the edited file as mentioned above to ensure seamless updates.
  • Click Save once you have edited / uploaded the information.