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You have the option to select different roles for users on SimplePay; each of these roles has its own set of associated permissions. Going forward these roles will be referred to as permission roles.

The permission role(s) that you have selected for users will determine what information / screens they can access and what they will be able to do on the system.

The current permission roles that you can choose from are as follows:

RoleAccess Allowed
Account OwnerFull access to the system, including access to create/edit other Account Owner users.This role lets SimplePay know who is the main decision maker(s) on the account.
AdminFull access to the system, except access to create/edit Account Owner users.
Leave AdminAccess to all leave-related information, but no financial information.This role provides access to the EmployeesReports and Settings tabs but with limited functionality:
  • Employees tab: when you click on an employee’s name, you will be taken straight to their leave dashboard screen, but you will be unable to see leave pay rates. You will not be able to access an employee’s payslip screen.
  • Reports tab: you will only be able to generate a leave report.
  • Settings tab: only the Leave and Companies links will be visible.
Billing OnlyAccess to the Billing page only.
Approval OnlyAccess to the Approval tab only, in order to action Self-Service requests. Please note: Approval Only users must first be added to an Approval Group before this functionality becomes available.