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Xero Gatekeeper: SimplePay Access Key

The integration between Xero and the South African Revenue Service (SARS) streamlines the submission of EMP201s. You are able to submit your EMP201s to SARS from SimplePay using Xero’s Gatekeeper.

Please note: Before you begin, ensure that you have an existing Xero integration set up, including Xero’s Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper will require a SimplePay Access Key (API key) for this integration. To create one:

  • Click on the Profile icon > Manage Users.
  • Click Add under the API Users heading.
  • Enter “Gatekeeper” in the Name field. 
  • In the Email (optional) field you may enter the API user’s email address. We will contact you using this email address in the event of a technical API-related query.
  • Tick the box next to Restrict to selected Companies to limit the API user access to specific companies.

Please note: Leaving this unticked allows Gatekeeper to link all companies in your SimplePay account.

  • Click Save.

Please note: After generating the API key, you must copy and save it before leaving the page. The key won’t be visible again. If you happen to lose the key, you can easily regenerate it by clicking on the Profile Icon > Manage Users > Edit (pencil icon) next to the API user, then select Regenerate API Key.

  • The API key can now be inserted into Gatekeeper here.

Please note: If the API key is deleted or a new one is requested, you will need to reconnect all payroll clients to SARS in the Gatekeeper Payroll Settings section of the Gatekeeper app.

For more useful information, visit the following help pages: