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Billing Method

There are currently three billing methods available. For each of these methods you will receive invoices, the details of which can be configured from the Billing Method screen, by going to the Profile icon > Billing > Billing Method.

Monthly EFT payment

You will be sent an invoice / invoices each month on your billing date (determined by the date you switched to a paid account) regarding the following month’s usage. Payment can then be made via EFT.

Annual pre-payment (10% discount)

You will be sent one invoice, which covers the 12-month period following your billing date. This method of payment attracts a 10% discount. Payment can be made via EFT.

Monthly debit order

You will receive an invoice each month on your billing date for your records, but the outstanding amount will automatically be debited from your account.

To set up a debit order, you will need to enter your company’s details and then download, sign and return the debit order mandate to The mandate can be downloaded by clicking View under the Debit Order Mandate heading. You can also check the status of your debit order under this heading.

Please note: Debit orders are processed two working days after the 5th and 22nd of each month. Your debit order will only come off once a month based on your billing date.

Please note: When completing the debit order mandate, ensure that you have entered the universal branch code.