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Leave Adjustments

This functionality allows you to adjust the leave balances recorded on the system. You may want to do this if, for example, you never captured take-on balances when you created the first payslip for an employee.

The following process should be followed to make leave adjustments for individual employees:

  • Go to Employees and select an employee.
  • On the employee’s profile, go to Leave > Adjustments.
  • Then next to the appropriate leave type select Add.
  • You will then enter the effective Date of the adjustment, Number of Days (positive values increase the balance, while negative values decrease the balance) and Description.
  • Scroll down and click on Save changes.

*Please note: If you are still using the old leave system (i.e. you joined SimplePay before 3 September 2016), you will need to click on Add (next to Payslip Inputs) > Leave Adjustment.

To make leave adjustments in bulk for multiple employees:

  • Go to Employees > Bulk Actions > Adjustments (under Leave).
  • Use the filters to select the pay frequency, pay point and status for employees.
  • Select the type of leave from the dropdown list that you’d like to make adjustments for.
  • The system will default to today’s date for the leave adjustment. However, you can change this by clicking on the date and selecting a new date from the calendar.
  • Click on the Add checkbox next to the employees that you wish to add adjustments for.
  • Enter the Amount and Description for each adjustment.
  • Then click Save.