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Bulk Add Once-off Payslips

Once-off payslips are useful for special payments that need to be made to employees. The most common examples are payments made on / after termination, maternity leave pay and back pay, but they could also include payments that were decided after the payslips for employees had been finalised e.g. salary increases and bonuses.

To add payslips in bulk:

  • Go to Employees > Bulk Actions > Add Once-Off Payslips (under Payroll Inputs)
  • Use the filters to select the group of employees that you wish to add once-off payslips for
  • Enter the dates for the once-off payslips or enter a date for the first employee and use the Copy first value down function to copy it down to all employees
  • Click Save

Once you have added your once-off payslips, you can add payslip items to these payslips in bulk:

Bulk Actions