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Editing Entitlement Policies

SimplePay allows you to create and assign different leave entitlement policies to employees’ profile as follows:

  • Settings > Leave
  • Click View next to the leave type

Edit Details 

The details of a particular leave type can be edited (if desired). Please see our Editing Leave Details page. 

Add Entitlement Policies

You can set the number of days employees are entitled to by following the steps on our Creating Entitlement Policies page. 

Active Entitlement Policies

Once you have created all the required entitlement policies, you can decide which one should be the company default. More information about how to set active entitlement policies can be found in the following section, Active Entitlement Policies (company defaults)

Employee-Specific Leave Management

You can find the steps to edit the entitlement policies of a particular employee on our Employee-Specific Leave Management page

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