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When managing a large number of employees with similar transactions on your payroll, repeatedly inputting the same info can be a time-consuming process. To avoid this, templates can be preloaded with all the transactions (income, deductions, etc.) required.

Creating a Template

You can create a template as follows:

  • Go to Settings > Templates > Add New Template.
  • Give the template a name.
  • Click Save.

You can then add all of the necessary items to the template in one of two ways:

  • Add Normal Item – use built-in and pre-existing custom items (available outside of the template).
  • New Template-Only Item – create custom items available only on the template (i.e., not separately on payslips).

For more information on creating custom items, refer to the below help page:

Applicability of Template Items

Once you have created all of the template items, you can set their default applicability, by clicking on Edit next to the template’s name. For each item on the template you will have the following three options:

  • “Everyone” – automatically added to all employees with the template.
  • “Optional, on by default” – automatically added to all employees with the template unless you deselect it.
  • “Optional, off by default” – only added to employees with the template if you select it.

When you’re done configuring the template, click Save.

Please note: Items that have “Optional, off by default” selected can still be added to an employee, by going to their profile, selecting the template, and adjusting the applicability of the specific item.

Adding a Template to an Employee

To add a template to an employee, click on Add (next to Regular Inputs), and select it from the Templates section. If you marked any items as optional, select/deselect them as necessary, and click Add Template.

Adding Templates in Bulk

To add a template to employees in bulk:

Please note: You will need to have created a template before you can add it in bulk.

  • Go to Employees > Bulk Actions.
  • Click on Template Mapping under Payroll Inputs.
  • Select the relevant filters/options for employees to whom you wish to add a template.
  • Select a template from the drop-down menu, and check the boxes next to the names of the employees who require this template. You can also Select all by clicking the drop-down next to Add.

Please note: Item applicability cannot be changed when adding a template in bulk; the default setting will apply. Refer to the heading Applicability of Template Items above for more information.

  • Click Save.

Please note: You will not be able to enter employee-specific amounts (e.g., a custom item that has the input type “Enter Amount per Employee”) on the Template Mapping page. This can be entered on the individual employee’s profile or in Bulk Actions > Regular Inputs.

Creating a Company Default Template

If you would like to create a default template which applies to all of your employees — new and existing, you can do so as follows:

Please note: You will need to contact our Support Team to enable this feature.

  • Once this feature has been enabled, go to Settings > Templates.
  • Click on Edit under Default.

Once you have added all of the necessary items to the template (as described in the Creating a Template section above), click Save.