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TERS Payouts

TERS is a COVID-19 relief measure introduced by government which provides employers with cashflow to continue to pay employees. You can find a more in-depth recap on TERS on our blog here.

Adding the TERS payment to a payslip

The employer acts as the conduit for these payments and therefore the payments should not attract PAYE, UIF or SDL. They are also not reported on IRP5s / IT3(a)s. To save you time and to minimise any potential stress associated with setting the payslip item up incorrectly, we have created a system item for these payments.

To add the system item to an individual employee’s payslip:

  • Go to the employee’s profile
  • Click on Add next to Payslip Inputs
  • Select TERS Payout under Other
  • Enter the amount that needs to be paid to the employee
  • Click Save

To bulk add the system item to the payslips of employees:

  • Go to Employees > Bulk Actions > Payslip Inputs
  • Use the filters to select the relevant pay frequency, payslip date and pay point
  • Then use the filters to select TERS Payout under Other
  • Click on the checkbox next to an employee’s name to add the item to their payslip*
  • Enter the amount for each employee*
  • Then click Save under the filters to save your changes.

*Remember, you can click on the dropdown arrow next to the heading and then select Copy first value down to apply the first employee’s entry to all employees in a faster manner.