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Claim Requests

Submit a Claim

To submit a claim, your payroll administrator must have enabled this feature. If you would like to submit a claim but the steps below are not available, please contact your payroll administrator and request that they enable this feature.

Once the feature is enabled, you can submit a claim as follows:

  • Click on Requests > Claim Request (under Submit a new request)
  • Select the claim request that you wish to submit e.g. Expense Claim
  • Complete the fields and click Next
  • Click on Upload new files next to Supporting Documents (if applicable) if you wish to provide documents to support your claim e.g. a receipt
  • Enter an optional message for the approver if you wish to provide additional information on what the claim is for.
  • Click Save

View a Claim

To view a claim:

  • Go to Requests
  • Navigate to the request that you submitted
  • Click on the status for the request

You can then view the request, add additional supporting documentation or comments if the request is still pending, or view responses from the approver under Recent Activity.

Cancel a Claim

To cancel a claim:

  • Click on Requests
  • Navigate to the request
  • Next to Pending (under the Status heading), click on the Cancel button. Please note that the status must be Pending in order to cancel the request. If a request has already been approved and you wish to cancel it, you will need to contact your payroll administrator.