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Bulk Leave Management

Leave Take-Ons and Leave Entitlement Policies can be managed in bulk by going to Employees > Bulk Actions and selecting the relevant option under the Leave heading. Each of these will be discussed below.

Leave Take-Ons

When moving from another payroll system to SimplePay, you can capture and / or calculate the leave balances for employees from the previous system used. More information on leave take-on balances is available on the following page:

Leave Take-On Balances

Leave Entitlement Policies

Once you have created your leave entitlement policies, you can assign a company default policy. If an employee is not on the company default policy, you can assign a separate policy to them. This can be done in bulk using this page:

  • Use the filters to select the pay frequency or pay point that you wish to assign policies for.
  • Use the drop-down options to select the leave policy for each leave type for each employee on the page.
  • Click Save.

Please note that if an employee is moving from one policy to another with a specific effective date, this cannot be done in bulk and will need to be configured by going to their profile and then clicking on Leave > Entitlement Policies.

For more information about creating leave policies and managing leave types, refer to our section on leave:

Leave Management