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I am unable to action leave requests

I see the request when I log in but there is no option to approve or deny it

This is usually a result of having multiple user roles associated with your email address. For example, your leave approval structure may have you set up to approve leave in your Employee Self-Service role whilst you have logged into the system in your Payroll Administrator role. In order to action the leave request, you will simply need to switch roles – please see the following article:

An employee requested leave but I haven’t received the email

Please try the following:

  • Ensure that the leave approval structure is set up correctly. If you only have an Employee Self-Service role, you will need to contact your Payroll Administrator to do this for you
  • If the leave approval structure has been correctly configured, please check your spam folder for the leave request email

More information on configuring leave approval can be found in this article:

If none of the options on this page resolve the issue, please contact us.