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Basic Pay Settings

SimplePay allows you to set company defaults for certain pay-related calculations and can be used to minimise input as well as to force compliance with aspects of the BCEA. To do so, go to Settings > Payroll Calculations > Basic Pay (incl. Sundays and Public Holidays).

If all, or the majority, of your employees are paid at the same rate, you have the option to set a default Hourly rate for them; this can be overridden if necessary by entering a different rate for specific employees.

In line with BCEA requirements, SimplePay automatically pays employees for public holidays not worked, where that public holiday falls on an employee’s regular working day. More information on these requirements can be found in the following article:

This can be disabled for all employees by selecting 

If you would like to enter shifts worked, either for records purposes or for use with a Bargaining Council template, you can set this up by selecting Enable input of number of shifts. As SimplePay works with hourly rates, you will still need to capture the employees’ hours in order for their pay to be calculated. You can enter an employee’s shifts from the same screen as their hours worked and this is discussed in the following article:

*Please note: if you are also making use of a template / templates, containing a Basic Salary item, for your employees, those settings will take precedence and should be edited on the relevant template. More information on templates can be found in the following article:

By default, SimplePay calculates public holiday and Sunday pay as described in the Salary Calculations article above. However, you can override this and set minimum pay, fixed components and rate overrides for public holiday and Sunday pay.

Public Holiday Pay Override

You can set Minimum pay and / or Fixed components amounts for public holiday using the relevant drop down menus. Different defaults can be set for instances where the employee normally works and where they are normally off.

You can also override the default rate multipliers by clicking on Override Holiday Pay Rates and entering a value for each field as appropriate. If left blank, the system default will continue to apply.

Sunday Pay Override

You can set the Minimum pay amount for Sunday pay using the drop down menu.

As with public holiday pay, you are also able to override the rate multipliers used by clicking on Override Sunday Pay Rates and entering a multiplier for each instance. If left blank, the system default will continue to apply.

Select Separate input for overtime hours (paid @ 2x) if you would like to capture employees’ normal and overtime Sunday hours separately rather than simply entering the total number of hours for the Sunday.