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Leave Types and Entitlements

There are three types of statutorily mandated paid leave, namely annual, sick and family responsibility leave. Any leave falling outside the scope of these leave types may be required to be taken as unpaid leave. For more information on the various leave types, please see the related articles below:

Annual Leave

Sick Leave

Family Responsibility Leave

Unpaid Leave

All of the above leave types can be recorded on the system in one of two ways: by the payroll administrator or via the employee self-service portal. Please note that recording leave may have pay implications. Each of these aspects is discussed in the following related sections:

Recording Leave

Self-Service Admin > Requests

Payroll Concepts > Pay-Related Calculations > Leave Pay

Female employees are also legally entitled to unpaid maternity leave. Maternity, Parental and Commissioning Parental leave are treated slightly differently from the other leave types above and are discussed in the following sections:

Maternity Leave

Parental and Commissioning Parental Leave

Payroll Processing > Service Periods > Maternity and Parental Leave / Long-Term Illness

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