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I see incorrect / incomplete / no information when logging in

Wrong Company and / or Employees 

This could be because you don’t have the necessary access to view certain information, you have access to multiple companies or you have multiple user roles on the system. Please consult the following pages for additional information:

If you are logged in as a Payroll Administrator and are unable to see certain information, such as a particular group of employees, or you do not have a Billing option in the Profile icon  menu, it is likely that your access is restricted. If you feel this is incorrect, please contact the person who originally created your user role for assistance.

“The requested information could not be found”

If you are trying to view information to which you do not have any access rights, you will see a message to this effect with possible causes and solutions.

You may also be seeing this message if you have restricted access and your account is currently frozen. You will need to contact the person who originally created your user role, who can consult the following section regarding frozen accounts: