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Approval Override

When an approver is on leave, any self-service requests (leave, info updates or claims) submitted by an employee will remain pending until the approver returns. This may impact an employee’s ability to take leave, it may result in incorrect banking details being used for salary payments or claims not being captured on the relevant payslips.

To avoid these kinds of situations, Full Admin users have the ability to step in and make decisions on pending requests that they are not an approver on. The Full Admin’s approval temporarily overrides the need for it to be approved by the approvers in the approval group – in other words, it bypasses the whole approval structure (not just the person on leave) and the Full Admin user’s decision is taken as final. If the Full Admin user also happens to be an approver on a request with multiple approvers, they also have the option to override other approvers.

Enabling Admin Override

To enable this option:

  • Log in as a Full Admin user
  • Navigate to the Approvals section on the sidebar menu
  • Go to the Admin Override Settings page
  • Click on the Enable Admin Approval checkbox
  • Click Save

Approving Requests

To approve requests:

  • Once logged in as the Full Admin user, navigate to the Approval section on the sidebar menu
  • Click on Requests
  • Navigate to Pending Requests for Other Approvers
  • Click on Pending for the request that you’d like to make a decision for
  • Under Respond, click on the Use Admin Override checkbox
  • You can then make a decision on the request (Approve, Deny or No Decision)
  • Click on Save

The decision will be shown in the Recent Activity section with “Admin Override” shown next to it.