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Employee Actions (Bulk Terminations)

If you need to terminate, reinstate or manage multiple employees’ services at once, you may want to do it in bulk. You can do this by going to Employees > Bulk Actions and selecting one of the options available under Employee Actions:

  • End Service
  • Reinstate
  • Undo End of Service

Selecting any of the aforementioned options will take you to a page with a list of all your employees. Select the applicable employees, capture any information required and select Save.

Note: If you have captured information for one employee and want to use this across all employees, select the column heading and then select Copy first value down.

You may receive an error when trying to end employees’ service in bulk that directs you to the End Service page. You cannot end an employee’s service in bulk if they have outstanding leave or savings that needs to be paid out, or an employer loan that needs to be recouped. Navigate to the employee’s profile and click on End Service to view the End Service Checklist, which items still require action. You can then record the termination individually or in bulk after adding the necessary payslip items to the payslip to return these balances to 0.

For more information on Ending an Employee’s Service as well as the End Service Checklist, refer to the following help page: