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Regular Hours

This screen allows you to set up the days on which the employee usually works, as well as how many hours they work on each of these days. It is the final step in adding an employee and you can return to it at any point by going to the employee’s profile and clicking on Edit InfoRegular Hours.

It is important that this information is captured correctly as it is used for several important calculations on the system.

Hourly paid

Tick the box next to Hourly paid for employees whose Basic Salary is based on their number of hours worked. Leave the box un-ticked for employees who earn a fixed salary, regardless of how often they get paid.

Hours per day

Enter the number of Hours per day that the employee normally works. This can be entered for hourly paid and salaried employees.


The “Fixed” option will apply to most employees. “Casual / Temp” should be selected in cases where employees work infrequently or do not have a fixed schedule; for example, if they work shifts on rotation, i.e. they work a certain number of days a week but do not have a set schedule.

Casual / Temp

By default, employees with the “Casual / Temp” option will not automatically accrue leave on the system. However, if you want them to accrue leave, there are two ways to accomplish this:

  • Click on Override next to Full days per week. If you enter any value greater than 0, the employee will accrue leave in line with the legislative requirements discussed in the article linked to at the bottom of the page; or
  • Set up a leave entitlement policy for these employees, which could be based on their number of hours worked.

Please note: the “Casual / Temp” option should not be selected for employees who are on a short-term / fixed-term contract; in other words, the “Fixed” option should be selected for such employees even though their employment is not permanent. Examples of employees for whom the “Casual / Temp” option should be selected are university students who are employed part-time as and when the need arises or casual waiters who cover for regular waiters who are sick or on leave.


You can select their Regular Working Days for employees with the “Fixed” Schedule option. If they work one or more partial days in the week, click on the drop-down menu next to the day and select “Partial Day”; then, enter the Hours they work on that day.

Full days per week

You can Override the Full days per week to correspond with the number of days employees would actually work each week; for example, if an employee works five days a week, which changes each week, the override would be 5. This number is also used to calculate an employee’s statutory leave entitlement; please see the following section for more information on this aspect: