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Approval Structure Setup

To respond to employees’ self-service requests, first you must set up your approval group(s) – you can add as many as you like in order to tailor the system to your company’s structure, e.g grouped by department.

  1. Go to EmployeesSelf-Service.
  2. Under Approval Groups select the request type (Leave, Info Updates or Employee Claims) for which you would like to set up the approval group.
  3. Click on Add Group to get started.
  4. Select who Requests will be approved by from the drop-down menu:
    • For an approval group with only one approver, select “single approver”
    • For an approval group where any one of the multiple approvers may approve requests, select “any of”
    • For an approval group where all of the multiple approvers need to approve requests, select “all of”
    • For an approval group where all of the multiple approvers need to approve requests in a specific order, select “all in order”- note that subsequent approvers will only be notified if the previous approver approves the request
  5. Select the approver(s)
    • Click +
    • Select the name of the approver. The approver can be an employee, payroll administrator or an external person. If the leave approver is not currently on the system, they must be set up as a user with the relevant role and permissions. Read more about adding users here. Note that if a person has an Employee and a Payroll Administrator role, they can be set as an approver in either or both of these roles.
    • Click Add
  6. Decide who will submit requests – you can add individual employees, whole pay points, companies or a combination of these*
    • Click +
    • Select the employee / pay point / company
    • Click Add
    • Repeat the above as many times as necessary and once you’re happy with the group, click Done

Click Save Changes once you have finished setting up a group. You can repeat the above steps as many times as necessary to correspond with your company’s needs and structure.

*Please note: more specific mappings take precedence over higher level ones i.e. employee mapping has precedence over pay point and company mapping and pay point mapping has precedence over company mapping.