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Add Employees

There is no limit to the number of employees you can add to a single company / profile on SimplePay. You will need to add your employees as part of the setup process and, as your business grows, you can simply add any new employees along the way. Employees can be added to the system individually or in bulk using an import file.

Adding Employees Individually

To add an employee individually, go to the Employees tab and click on Add New Employee. You will then be guided through a simple, three-step process to capture the following information: classification, basic info and regular hours. Please see the following related articles for more information on each of these steps:

Adding Employees in Bulk

You are also able to add employees in bulk using our Excel import function. This allows you to add a large number of employees to the system in one go, rather than capturing them one by one as above. You are able to import all of their basic info using this method but it’s not currently possible to include their classification or regular hours in the import file. Please see the following section for more on using this option:

Employees’ regular hours can be set up in bulk using our Regular Inputs feature. It is also possible to add employees in bulk using this option rather than the Excel import mentioned above. More information on this aspect of the system is available in the following article:

If any of the classification options apply, these will need to be configured on a per employee basis. Please refer to the linked article in the first section above, if necessary.

Please note: regardless of whether you add employees individually or in bulk, you will need to follow an additional step if you want to claim ETI for an employee. Go to the employee’s profile and click on ETI under Actions. Select “Allow” as the Status if you want to calculate and claim ETI for the employee. More information about ETI is available in the following article:

Adding Employee Numbers Manually

SimplePay will automatically assign an employee number to each employee you add to the system.

If you wish to add your own employee numbers and these numbers are sequential, you can set this up before adding employers to the system.

To do this please complete the following steps:
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Employee  Numbers
  • Change the Employee Number Mode to Manual
  • Click Save

Sorting Employees Alphabetically or by Employee Numbers

To sort employees by employee numbers, please complete the following steps:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Click on Employee Numbers 
  • Enable the checkbox next to Sort employees by number
  • Click Save

Untick the checkbox if you want your employees sorted alphabetically and click Save

Take-on Balances

Tax Take-ons

When adding employees, it may be necessary to capture take-on balances to include any previous payroll amounts in their tax certificates and / or payslip tax calculations. These can also be added individually or in bulk and more information on the various aspects of take-on balances is available in the following article:

Leave Take-ons

As with tax take-ons, you might also have to enter leave take-on balances for employees if you previously used another payroll system, or if you want to enter leave balances as at a particular date. More information about this can be found in the following article: