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Employer Filing Details

Before you can do bi-annual SARS filing and electronic UIF submissions, you have to complete your filing details. Go to Settings > Employer Filing Details. Fill in the required information and select the relevant options from the drop-down menus. Then click Save.

PAYE Reference Numbers

A PAYE reference number is for an employer who deducts and pays PAYE (i.e. employee’s tax) to SARS on behalf of their employees. The PAYE reference number is what the employer/ company has as their code, it starts with a 7 and is 10 digits in length.

If a PAYE number is provided that starts with either 0,1,2,3 or 9, all certificates must be IT3(a) – i.e. no tax may be deducted.

Diplomatic Indemnity Indicator

As from the 2020 tax year, SARS have added IRP5 reporting code 2037 to indicate whether or not an employer enjoys diplomatic indemnity (for example, if you are a foreign embassy). If you do qualify for diplomatic indemnity, tick the Diplomatic Indemnity Indicator box here to ensure that this is reported on the IRP5.

UIF Number

Please note: The UIF number is only required if you want to submit electronic monthly UIF declarations using SimplePay. The number required is not the number starting with a U issued by SARS, which is similar to the PAYE number.

The UIF number will not be on the SARS documentation as it is issued by the Department of Labour. You will, therefore, need to contact the Department of Labour if you do not have it. It will look similar to 1234567/8, but you should enter it without the “/”. Add a 0 in the front if your number is less than 8 digits long.

You must also fill in the PAYE number for electronic UIF declarations, if you have one.

Use Employee Numbers on Tax Certificates

When you tick the Report employee numbers on tax certificates instead of SimplePay’s default values? box, the tax certificates (EMP501 export file) will show the employee numbers that are on SimplePay instead of automatically generated values. These numbers are reported under code 3160.

UI-19 Submission

The Company Registration No. (CIPRO), Postal Address and SARS contact details are required for completion of the individual UI-19 which an employer can download and give to employees who intend to apply to the UIF for benefits.

More information on the individual UI-19 form can be found here: