New Feature Labels

    1 minute read    

Our new Feature Labels allow you to easily read more about new features, and to send us feedback about new and existing features.

Latest News on the Return of Earnings

    1 minute read    

Discover the latest updates on the Return of Earnings, including the submission deadline, and a change in how SimplePay applies the annual threshold.

National Budget Speech 2024

    2 minute read    

In this blog, we briefly discuss the changes announced in the 2024 Budget Speech and how they affect your payroll.

Self-Service Claims Now Available By Default

    1 minute read    

We’re happy to announce that we’ve made our Employee Self-Service (ESS) claims available to our entire customer base — by default! Find out more about this exciting feature in our blog.


Introducing the SimplePay Account Dashboard

    less than 1 minute read    

Introducing the SimplePay Account Dashboard – a game-changing feature designed for streamlined payroll management.

Our Brand Refresh

    1 minute read    

You may have noticed that SimplePay is sporting a “brand” new look. We’re excited to announce that we’ve modernised our logo and website. We’re proud of this new look, and it has allowed us to reflect on our journey and the strides we’ve made since our inception.

Additional Public Holiday on 15 December 2023

    less than 1 minute read    

Great news! We’ve already implemented the required system changes to account for the newly-announced public holiday on 15 December. You can rely on SimplePay for smooth and efficient payroll processing.