5 Reasons You Need Cloud Payroll

    3 minute read    

This blog takes a closer look at some of the benefits that come with using Cloud Payroll.

Monetary Policy Committee Increases Official Interest Rate

    1 minute read    

The Monetary Policy Committee have increased the repo rate with effect from 25 March 2022. This will affect the SARS official interest rate which is applied to employer loans from 1 April 2022

Changes to “Monthly Remuneration” for ETI

    4 minute read    

Changes have been introduced to “monthly remuneration” for ETI, which will affect the amount of ETI calculated for qualifying employees from 1 March 2022.

National Budget Speech 2022

    2 minute read    

In this blog, we briefly discuss the changes announced in the 2022 Budget Speech and how they affect your payroll.

2022 Updates for OID Workman’s Comp

    1 minute read    

As the season for completing the Return of Earnings (ROE) or W.As.8 approaches, this blog post will outline the latest updates including deadlines