UIF Submissions Update: 18/05/2020

Author: lianew

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Last week we posted a blog update covering electronic UIF submissions turnaround times. Thankfully it seems that in the interim they have started clearing the backlog and are processing newer submissions more quickly. With this in mind, we wanted to provide an update on the current state of UIF submissions in relation to TERS claims.

We are currently doing everything we can to ease the burden on UIF and ensure that they receive all the necessary submissions for the processing of TERS. We’ve limited immediate submissions to the past six (6)  months because we’ve been advised that as long as the UIF has submission information for Jan to March 2020, TERS applications will be processed. At this stage, it appears that the majority of clients experiencing issues with UIF submissions have encountered them during the TERS application process.

Unfortunately, because of the sheer volumes of data and the massive backlog at the UIF, we are not currently processing resubmissions further back than Nov 2019. This is to ensure that we do not overwhelm their electronic submissions channel and prevent the processing of newer declarations needed for TERS claims. Once the dust settles, we will begin resubmitting these backlogged, older declarations. If you need to urgently resubmit declarations for periods prior to November 2019, we would recommend use of another channel such as email or uFiling, simply because this means of electronic submission appears to be overloaded and struggling due to increased volumes from the lockdown.

We hope that this information proves useful to you. If you have any queries on how the above relates to payroll and the SimplePay system, please feel free to get in touch with our customer support team at [email protected]

Keep well. Stay home. Stay safe.

Team SimplePay