General Setup > Managing Companies

You can add as many companies as you like to a single SimplePay account. This can be done by going to Settings > Companies > Add Company and following the three step process. Please see the following article for more detail on adding companies to the system:

Working with a Different Company

You can switch between the companies on your profile in one of two ways:

  • Hover your mouse next to the company’s name in the top left and click the switch link that appears; or
  • Go to Settings > Companies and click on Switch next to the relevant company.

Removing a Company

You can also delete companies if necessary by going to the above settings page and clicking Delete next to its name. However, we generally do not recommend doing this unless you are certain that the company’s data will not be needed again.

If you may need to access the data again, we would suggest rather making all of the employees in the company inactive, to prevent being billed for it. Please see the following article for more on these aspects:

If you are processing payroll on behalf of various companies and a client decides to either have someone else do it or handle it themselves, the company should be transferred out of your account rather than deleted.

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