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Leave Requests

You might want a report showing your employees’ leave that falls within a certain date range. This page outlines the steps for downloading an Excel file containing such information; also, you will have the option to select the employees, pay points, and approval statuses to be included in the report. If the request for leave that falls within the specified period has already been approved or denied, the report will also show information about the approver(s) and their decision(s).

Please note: You need to contact our Support team to have this feature enabled.

Once the feature has been enabled, do the following to download this report:

  • Click on Reports > Leave Requests under General.
  • Use the Filters to show requests only from employees belonging to a specific Pay Point, Pay Frequency, or Current Status. You can also select specific employees.
  • When choosing a Date Range, you can do so by typing in the start and end dates, or selecting them from the calendar. When selecting dates from the calendar, please ensure that you click on a specific day after selecting a month and/or year.
  • Tick the Group by Pay Point box to group the employees by Pay Point.
  • You will also be able to view the selected employees (if certain employees were deselected in the Filters) by clicking on View Selected Employees.
  • Tick the boxes of any or all of the Leave Types that should be included in the report.
  • Tick the boxes of any or all of the Approval Statuses that should be included in the report.
  • Tick the Password protect this report download box if you have enabled password protection.

Please note: To enable password protection, click on Settings > Advanced > General > tick the Enable password protection for reports box > Save.

  • Click on Show Excel once you have set up the above-mentioned parameters.