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Pay Frequencies

Pay frequencies refer to when employees are paid, i.e. on what day and how often, e.g. weekly / monthly etc. You will need to add at least one pay frequency during the initial setup. You can also add / edit pay frequencies at any stage by going to Settings > Pay Frequencies.

Add a Pay Frequency

  • Click Add.
  • Select the relevant frequency from the first drop-down menu.
  • Select the last day of the period*.
  • Select the end date for your first payroll period i.e. the period for which you will process your first set of payslips in SimplePay**.
  • Click Save.

*The last day of the period is the last day for which the employees will be paid and is not necessarily the same as the day on which they receive payment; for example, if your employees are paid for working until the last day of the month, but are paid early, on the 25th, you would select the 31st and not the 25th.

**You can also select a date in the past if you wish to back capture historical data; however, we generally recommend using take-on balances instead. Please see this article for more information:

Edit a Pay Frequency

You can also edit a pay frequency from the above screen by clicking on it – you are able to change the Last day of period as well as the First payroll period end date.

Changing the Last day of period

You will only be able to change the Last day of the period if you do not have any finalised payslips for this pay frequency. This option should only be used if you initially chose the incorrect period end date, e.g. if you chose the 25th instead of the 30th when creating a monthly frequency. If the employees were historically paid on one date and will now be paid on another date going forward, you should create a separate pay frequency as explained above.

Changing the First payroll period end date

This change could have the following potential effects:

  • New employees added to the system will have their first payslip generated for the new period, if it is after their appointment date.
  • Existing employees with finalised payslips will not be affected.
  • Existing employees with no finalised payslips will have all of their payslips, from before this new period, deleted.

Please note: You have to finalise the payslips of all employees who should not be affected by this change; otherwise, their draft payslips from before the new first payroll period end date will be deleted.