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In the case where an employee goes on maternity leave / long-term absence due to illness, they will usually need to claim from the UIF. In these instances, the absence is recorded on SimplePay as follows:

  • Go to the employee’s profile
  • Click on End Service 
  • Enter their Last Day of Service (i.e. the last day at work before the long-term absence commences)
  • Select the relevant UIF Status Code
    • “9 – Maternity/Adoption”; or
    • “10 – Long-term leave due to illness (still employed)
  • Save

Please note: it is not correct to record unpaid leave on the leave calendar for these two types of absences.

Partial Payment during Maternity Leave / Long-term Illness

If the employee will be receiving a partial salary during this period, the procedure above should still be followed. The amount paid to them should then be recorded using a custom income item on once-off payslips. Please see the following articles for more on both of these aspects:

Maternity Leave / Long-term Illness on Full Pay

If you will be paying the employee their full salary during this period, you can simply continue to process their payslips normally. You also can add an optional note to their salary item or to the profile indicating that they are on a long-term absence – please see the following article for more on this:

Please note: it is not correct to record annual leave or sick leave on the leave calendar in these instances.

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