Payroll Concepts > Frequently Asked Questions > Why is there Annual Leave Pay Extra on my payslips?

In line with BCEA requirements, SimplePay automatically calculates this amount when leave is recorded for employees who have fluctuating income. It is based on the employee’s fluctuating leave rate, which can be found on their Record Leave screen. The fluctuating rate is calculated using the previous three months’ income.

More information on the requirements for leave pay can be found in the following article:

You can remove the annual leave pay extra item by overriding the employee’s fluctuating leave rate as follows:

  • Go to the employee’s profile and click on Leave > Record Leave*
    • *If you are still on the old leave system (i.e. you joined SimplePay before 3 September 2016), you will click on Record Leave Taken
  • Enter 0 in the Custom fluctuating rate box
  • Click Save Rate
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