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The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) Act requires all employers to submit a declaration, known as a Return of Earnings (ROE) or W.As.8, of annual earnings to the Compensation Fund each year. This amount, combined with the category in which the business is registered, will determine the amount payable by the employer to the Compensation Fund. The deadline for submitting the ROE is officially 31 March each year; however, in practice, this is generally extended to 31 May.

Once they have submitted their ROE, employers are issued with a Notice of Assessment / Invoice (W.As.6). This indicates the amount owing to the Compensation Commissioner based on the salary information contained in the ROE.

To access the report on SimplePay, go to Filing > OID (Workman’s Comp) Return. Select the income / allowance / benefit accounts to be included as subject to OID. The resulting download will still allow you to modify the totals per employee.

Note in particular that overtime is only subject to OID if an employee is regularly paid overtime. You should, therefore, choose to include overtime based on what’s applicable to the majority of your employees. You can then make adjustments in the downloaded spreadsheet if desired.

Please ensure that you follow the instructions at the top of the downloaded document carefully. You will then need to manually capture the information in this file on the relevant forms.

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