Filing and Processes > Frequently Asked Questions > If I sign up with SimplePay after the start of the tax year, can I still use it for my Bi-Annual Filing?

You can use SimplePay for your filing even if you previously used another system for the first period(s) of the tax year. You have two options here: use take-on balances or recreate payslips.

Take-on Balances for Filing Purposes

We strongly advise you to use take-on balances when capturing information for filing purposes. This removes the possibility of any discrepancies between your previous system’s payslips and SimplePay. In order to capture take-on balances, your first payroll period must be after the first March pay period and the employee’s appointment date must be before this. More information on these aspects can be found in the following section:

Using this method will allow SimplePay to generate IRP5s and the [email protected] export file for you. However, the EMP501 on SimplePay requires actual payslips so you will need to use your previous records for this information for any months prior to your first payroll period on SimplePay. You are able to download an Excel version of the EMP501 to use as a template for this.

Recreating Historic Payslips

However, if you would like, you are welcome to recreate all of your historic payslips from March onwards. You will need to ensure that your first payroll period is set to March as described in the Payment Frequencies article linked above.

This method will allow SimplePay to generate the IRP5s, [email protected] export and EMP501 for the entire tax year.

Please note: using this method opens up the possibility for discrepancies in the calculations between your previous payslips and those you create on SimplePay. This may be the case if you previously used the periodic tax basis (i.e. using the tax tables) or if certain things were overridden / configured in a non-standard way on your previous system. Again, for this reason, we would strongly recommend you use the take-on balances option.

Filing Documents

SimplePay generates your Bi-Annual filing documents from the data captured on the system. You can access these documents by going to Submissions > Bi-Annual Filing (IRP5s etc.). More information is available in the following related articles:

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