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UIF TERS Update – Applications open for Annexure A Establishments

    2 minute read    

Today we follow on from our previous blog post, in which we discussed the latest iteration of the UIF’s Temporary Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) initiative for the most recent lockdown periods between 16 March and 25 July 2021.

UIF Payment Process Relaxed

    1 minute read    

To reduce queueing at labour centres the UIF is cutting back on red tape and engaging directly with employers. To find out more details, read our latest blog post.

Filing Reminder and TERS Update

    2 minute read    

In the blog today we have a reminder for individual and employer filing, as well as an update on COVID-19 TERS.

New: Foreign Employees Notification

    less than 1 minute read    

A new notification will alert you of foreign employees when submitting UIF Declarations.

UIF Submissions Update: 18/05/2020

    1 minute read    

Update on the progress of the UIF’s processing time of submissions, especially in relation to TERS, as well as measures we are taking to aid the process.

UIF Submission Update

    1 minute read    

Update on the electronic UIF submission turnaround time, provided through SimplePay.

Lockdown Update: 8 May

    4 minute read    

In today’s blog we have an important update on how best to interpret employee TERS benefit entitlements and the effect of additional payments by employers to employees participating under the scheme. We shall also touch base on tracking of UIF applications, updates from SARS and cast our eyes forward with respect to ETI.

Lockdown Update – 24 April

    2 minute read    

Updates on the distribution of TERS funding to employees, expansion of the TERS benefit and TERS application tracking.

New Feature: Individual UI 19 Forms

    less than 1 minute read    

Update 21 April: The Department of Employment and Labour has opened a dedicated UIF toll free hotline, running 8am – 10pm Monday to Friday. The number is 0800 030 007.

Lockdown Recap and FAQ #1

    16 minute read    

Update 23 April: We have received confirmation that the TERS benefit paid by employers to their employees will not be subject to PAYE, SDL or UIF. You may pay this amount off-system if you choose, but we recommend waiting until we have updated our system to include a new TERS benefit item. We will send out a notification when the system has been updated.

2017 UIF Increase: The Facts

    1 minute read    

There has recently been an increase in the limit that must be used when UIF benefits are calculated. However, the limit for monthly contributions has not changed yet. The maximum monthly contributions are still R148.72 for employer and employee. As soon as a change to the contribution limit is announced, our system will be updated to keep you compliant.

UIF Reform Postponed

    less than 1 minute read    

In February, the Finance Minister announced a proposed reform that would see the UIF earnings cap reduced to R1000. This essentially means that no matter how much anyone earns, UIF deductions would only be calculated from a maximum amount of R1000.

UIF Limit Increased

    less than 1 minute read    

From 1 Oct. 20012, the annual limit for income subject to UIF contributions has increased from R149,736 to R178,464. That results in a new monthly limit of R14,872 and a weekly limit of R3,432.